Parent Feedback

I am writing this testimonial review, as an aid to any parent who may be considering pre-school for their child(ren).  My son started attending afternoon sessions, at “One World Montessori”, before turning 3.  He is currently in his 4th year – before beginning grade 1, in September.  As a parent, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this school to any child.  Year-after-year, my son has been consistently introduced to fresh/new curriculum.  From the study of Master Artists, Geography, Science, to Reading/Writing, Surabhi Dave and her professional team have been exceptional in meeting my son’s learning needs.  What’s more, the learning environment is clean, safe, and productive!  Every day, my son is excited to tell us about the new things he learned/covered in school!  I have no doubt he will be well-prepared for the challenges of elementary school – all in great thanks, to “One World Montessori”!

Thank You!

Jeff and Lily

I just want to let you know that I am amazed with my son and what he comes home with, the art concepts, the booklets! He has been singing and teaching all of us the African song. How lovely. The other day we had a full-on discussion about Mozart. We are enjoying the Picasso, Botticelli and Renaissance art. We enjoy hearing what he was thankful for and seeing him explain how he did his little math counting and using primary colours to make other colours and what nose is in Chinese. The questions he continually asks are inquisitive. I know he is naturally drawn to learning but the quality of experience that he is receiving in the afternoons is definitely enriching his mind and soul. I loved seeing charcoal on his face after an afternoon at school and listening to how he used this new medium to create his artistic apple.

I commend the curriculum you are teaching, the behaviour expectations you uphold and the sense of curiosity to learn and sense of accomplishment that you are instilling in the children. I can see how my children’s experience at OWM will imprint them to be independent, thoughtful, inquisitive learners.

Catherine and Brad

Last night at our supper table, my child proudly sang all his songs that he was learning at school…and both his dad and me just sat there transfixed….we were so proud that his world of learning has expanded so much and the exposure of the various concepts and activities is moulding him into a rather well rounded, confident and respectful child. There are sacrifices that parents make all the time to give their kids a good education…and my husband and I last night smiled at the fact that the sacrifice that we make to get him to your school was well worth it. We appreciate the difference that you and your staff make in our child’s day!


One World Montessori is an authentic Montessori school, staffed with truly caring and loving teachers. We fell in love with this intimate school 2 years ago when we enrolled our eldest son in the program at age 3. It took him some time to adapt to the Montessori program, but with the patience and determination of the staff, he thrived and is now entering his final kindergarten year. The school has helped reinforce what we try teaching at home – he reads and writes beautifully, has a great start in Math, Geography and French, and is excited about learning.

In February, we were excited to place our second son (age 2.5) in the program, and he too has thrived thus far. It is truly amazing to watch your children enjoy learning and have confidence in themselves and their abilities. This is the greatest Gift that OWM has given our boys.

Seeing the eagerness in our boys to get to school on time every morning, and leave with the widest of confident smiles every day, is truly a fulfilling moment as a parent.

Matthew & Angela Lanni

Dearest Surabhi and Staff at One World,

It is without hesitation and extreme pleasure that I recommend One World Montessori. After numerous phone interviews, visits and unfortunate experiences at other preschools, we finally found what we were looking for. One World is run by a team of caring, nurturing staff who always had my child’s best interest at heart. This talented and hard-working team of teachers has worked together for years and it shows in how smoothly the program is run which transfers to how secure and stable my child felt while attending. We were looking for a school where our daughter would grow and also love learning and did she ever thrive under the care of Surabhi and her team. The Montessori method is truly followed not only in materials and method but also in lessons, role modeling and practice in grace and courtesy. My daughter has become a helpful, polite, enthusiastic learner because of it. In our years at the school, we enjoyed many discussions at the dinner table of artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Michelangelo and we were so pleased to have our four year old contribute intelligently but also enthusiastically about these and all of the other subjects which she was so excited to learn about and share. However, it was in her final Kindergarten year where we were most impressed and saw her truly thrive. Natalia aspires to visit Brazil, the coliseum in Rome, Big Ben in London, and eat crepes in France. She can count in English, French, Spanish, sing songs in Mandarin and strike a yoga tree pose! She has grown from a shy little girl to a confident public speaker!
We never dreamed that she would be learning exponents, triple digit addition, and reading chapter books by the end of preschool! More importantly, she loves school and loves to learn. Graduation Day was a tough day for our family as our girl realized she wouldn’t be back at One World in the fall. The tears were heart-breaking but a true testimony and reassurance that we had made the right decision registering our Natalia at One World three years ago. It is no surprise that the school has won Edmonton’s Top Choice for Montessori Schools award. We will miss you all dearly but we plan to keep in close touch to let you know how our Natalia is doing in “big girl” school! We realize and appreciate how much you have all contributed to her future successes.

Sincerely, The Custodio Family

Our son AJ started at One World Montessori in the fall of 2013. Within a few weeks it was very apparent that we had made the right choice for him. He blossomed and grew in leaps and bounds! Every day we would see or hear about the new things he was learning. Driving in the car he would be counting and doing math, he would sing songs in both English and French, and he would talk about things that we had not learned until grade school! It has been amazing to see how happy he is there and the community of families and teacher support is one of a kind. We can’t wait to see his journey continue at One World Montessori!

Attila and Jennifer Meszaros

I am grateful for the learning and growing experiences my son and daughter have had at One World Montessori School for the past 3 years under the leadership of Master Teacher Mrs. Dave. The teachers are passionate about the work they do through their student-centered classroom. On the days I had the pleasure to volunteer, the students appeared active, engaged and demonstrated very cooperative behavior amongst other classmates. The charismatic staff make the transition from parent to the classroom easy along with the safe, secure environment provided in learning the pre-requisite for School entry and beyond. My son and daughter were excited to go preschool daily and were always ready to share a story or two about their fun and exciting day. Thank-you Mrs. Dave and staff!

Nina E.

We visited a number of schools before choosing to enroll our son with Surabhi Dave at One World Montessori School. On our first visit, we felt that One World offered a very personal and nurturing touch, along with a sound foundation for learning. The caring and professional nature exhibited by the team immediately gave us confidence and reassurance that they would have our children’s best interests at heart.

We have seen firsthand how the fundamentals of this Montessori program have brought about exceptional growth in the areas of self-assuredness, independence, social development, and collaboration. Improvement came from a vast range of learning techniques which included practical life skills, learning from the older children, and extensive sensory areas all with a noticeable increase in the patience with others. This all has left us sold on the method of instruction and firm believers in the team at One World. On a daily basis we are thankful and have peace of mind knowing that our son and future siblings will have the opportunity to experience the highest quality of teaching in a safe, dedicated, and respectful environment that is exemplified by the team at One World Montessori in Edmonton.

Warmest Regards,

The Murtons

“ One World Montessori is a place where you can send your children to have an amazing life experience. So much of what they learn in the first 5 years of life shapes the person they will become. One world Montessori gives the foundation of lifelong learning, respect, passion, self esteem and they do this with love. I am thankful to this school as I truly believe they were paramount in the success of my children. My children still talk about the school and how they miss the staff. It was a very memorable time for our family. Thank you One World Montessori!!!”


My wife and I have been incredibly excited and grateful to have Ella attend your school since January 2015. We have noticed major advancements in every possible area since she started attending One World Montessori. She is more responsible, she’s a better communicator, her vocabulary has improved, her writing skills were nonexistent before January, and now she can write many words…

I could go on and on. I just want to tell you that we know we made the right decision in having Ella attend your school. And we are excited for her to attend again in September, and for our younger daughter to attend in a few years.
It is such a wonderful environment that you have cultivated. The teachers are absolutely incredible with the students, and even the way that the students interact with each other, and their behavior while they are there, is something that I never imagined I could see in a school with such young students.
A major thanks to you for everything,

Gregg and Andrea