"The child can develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences 'work'." - Maria Montessori, Founder of Montessori Education

What makes our program a unique learning experience?

  • Children are individually treated with respect and dignity within a warm, caring and loving environment.
  • All our teachers are fully qualified, professionally trained and highly motivated Montessori teachers committed to providing an all round education of excellence which incorporates the social, emotional, academic and spiritual needs of the child.
  • We have a mixed aged classroom with children ranging from 2.5 years to 6 years.
  • We provide individualized lessons catering to the needs of every child when presenting new concepts or reinforcing academic concepts.
  • We provide group lessons in Yoga, Art, Music, French and Sign Language, Geography, History and Science.
  • We have an uninterrupted Montessori work period to enable children to complete their cycles of activities.
  • We promote and emphasize the development of social awareness and responsibility by supporting our affiliated ABC Headstart pre-school in Edmonton.
  • Children have the freedom to choose activities within the limits of a carefully structured and beautifully prepared environment.

The prepared environment

In accordance with the Montessori philosophy and method, our prepared environment is divided into the following activity areas:

Practical Life Skills – These exercises act as a bridge between home and school. With child-sized equipment the children learn to clean, polish, wash, pour, tweeze, sieve and dress themselves, with a view to becoming independent, responsible individuals. The activities increase dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination, develop the children’s self-esteem, and increase their concentration span, which is essential for future learning.

Sensory Education – The specially designed and mathematically precise tactile materials helps to develop the five senses and teaches children to discriminate, match, contrast and grade with each of their senses, in order to gain a greater perception of their environment. The Sensory materials offer an indirect preparation for mathematics and help create mental order.

Language – Reading and writing is introduced at an early age, using the phonic method. The children learn the sounds of letters imprinted as sandpaper characters, which develops a “muscular memory.” Our system does not require children to learn by rote but utilizes all the senses to help them decode words and develop phonemic awareness. Children read and write with proper understanding, check their pronunciation and spell accurately. We also introduce the basics of French and sign language.

Mathematics – The children are provided with concrete experiences where they are given objects to hold, count and manipulate, before being introduced to abstract concepts. At our school, children are introduced to counting up to and beyond 10, the decimal system, simple arithmetic computations, addition and subtraction. They are also introduced to the concepts of fractions, measuring quantity and distance, reading time and exercises in non-verbal reasoning.

Cultural Subjects – these core subjects are fundamental to our environment and include history, geography, science, art, music and movement. We embrace multi-culturism in our school. In addition, children’s yoga is a regular feature of the classroom.

Please visit the photo gallery to get a glimpse of the activities included within our program.

Our School Calendar

One World Montessori School follows the public school calendar, although we break up a few days early at Christmas and at the end of the school year.
There is no school on days of field trips, onsite programs or workshops, concerts, celebration of learning or PD days.